Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Hucks Marine and Resort Located?

Hucks Marine and Resort is located in Rockport, Ontario, practically halfway between Toronto and Montreal.


Can I afford a boat?
Getting out on the water may not be as expensive as you think! There are all kinds of boats out there to suit your needs and budget. Give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out.

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How do I handle border crossing on the river?
In order to cross the border you must have proper identification including a Passport or Nexus card. Certain restrictions are in place for taking products such as alcohol, tobacco and certain foods across the border. Please be prepared to declare all items along with receipts to border agents. Immigration and customs requirements are subject to change without notice.

Travel Documents Requirements

How do I store a boat?
We offer a wide range of docking and storage options. Please see our Dockage page for more information.


If I can drive a car, can I drive a boat?
It’s not that simple! In order to operate a pleasure craft in Ontario you must take your Boater Exam to get your Pleasure Craft Operator card. Visit BOATsmart to learn more.


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