New Boaters

As a new boater, there’s never been a more perfect time for getting out on the water. Owning and operating your own boat is easier than you may think.

One of the best parts about boating is that boats are designed for all kinds of activities. So whether it’s cruising, watersports with the kids, or fishing, you’ll be surprised by all the activities you can do out on the water.

Getting a Boater's License
A one-time, online course will get you a boating license, called a Pleasure Craft Operators Card. Since September 15, 2009, Transport Canada regulations requires all operators of any recreational boat with a motor to have a Pleasure Craft Operators Card. Online access to the course and boating exam, allows boaters to get a Small Craft Pleasure Card at their convenience. When boater’s pass the boating exam, the temporary Card is instantly printed and they’re ready to start boating right away.

Transport Canada accredits third-party course providers to issue Pleasure Craft Operator Cards. Click for a list of course providers accredited by Transport Canada.

Choosing a Boat

When it comes to selecting what size boat you’ll need, there are some important questions you’ll want to ask yourself and family. Your preference for water activities, number of people on the boat, length of boat, type of engine and how to transport the boat should be considered to help you select a boat. One rule of thumb is always go a little bigger if your budget allows. In addition, if you plan on trailering your boat, we recommend you don’t go longer than 26’.

Since 1889, Hucks Marine and Resort has been providing area boaters with the finest boating brands and services. We have a variety of boat brands and manufacturers to meet our customers’ needs including Bowriders, Recreational, Center Console, Motor Yachts, Cabin Cruisers, Pontoon, Watersport, Work Boats, and Personal Watercraft (PWC). Our Sales Team would be happy to discuss your boating needs with you. For a complete list of all of our available products, please click here.

Selecting a Motor

When evaluating the size of a motor, consider the design and intended use of the boat. Recreation boats for watersports will have larger motors with more horsepower than boats designed for cruising. We have experienced and knowledgeable staff at Hucks Marine and Resort that can help you select a boat to meet your needs.

Resources for New Boaters
Onsite Financing is Available
Interest rates are historically low and onsite financing is available at Hucks Marine and Resort . We make it easy for you to realize your dream of buying a boat.

Boat Insurance is Relatively Inexpensive
While insurance varies according to the size and type of your boat, we will help you find something in your budget. Our Sales Team will be able to refer you to Insurance companies. Relative to home and car insurance, insurance for the average boat is reasonable. Our Sales Team has a list of insurance companies that they can refer to you to help you select insurance that meets your needs and budget.

Discover Boating Canada
There are many resources and tools available to new boaters from Discover Boating Canada. Download their Boating Safety App free of charge to boaters and  sign up to receive A Beginner’s Guide to Boating from Discover Boating.

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