Consumer Protection Act

Notice to Consumers

If your vehicle is being repaired or worked on, you have rights and protections under The Consumer Protection Act.
Our labour charges are $175 per hour and are based on time requirements published in industry accepted guidelines. We do not pay our technicians a commission on work completed or parts sold.

You will receive a written estimate for repairs that cost more than $200 unless:

  • you decline to receive a written estimate,
  • you specifically authorize the maximum amount that you will pay for the work or repairs, and
  • the cost charged for the work or repairs does not exceed your authorized maximum amount.


Diagnostic time for estimates is charged at our regular labour rate plus any required parts.

You will not be charged for work or repairs you did not authorize. You will not be charged more than the total of the estimate plus 10% of that estimate.

Other billable goods & services that may apply: shop supplies calculated at 8% of labour charge to a maximum of $50, environmental disposal fee of $5, unit handling, storage, pickup or delivery.

Parts removed in course of repairs will be available after completion unless:

  • you request otherwise,
  • the part is replaced under warranty or at no charge

This is a summary of the motor vehicle work and repair protections under The Consumer Protection Act. For more information, contact the Consumer Protection Office at 1800-889-9768 or 416-326-8800.

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