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Red Shark Water Bike Surf Kit

C$5 495.00
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Brand: Red Shark Bikes
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Premium water bike offering you the chance to enjoy the water and discover the shorelines from a different angle while practicing sport.

Features include:

  • FRAME PE-hd (8 Kg) Salty water proof
  • COLOUR: White Coral
  • VALVE: Flat Premium-grade inflation valve
  • (recommended inflation 11-13 PSI)
  • HANDLEBAR: RISER BAR, aluminum
  • HAND GRIPS: Ergonomics
  • BOTTLE HOLDER and BOTTLE: 0,5 Liters
  • RUDDE 3 functions
  • FIN: Removable
  • AIR PUMP: Manual air pump (air pressure)
  • MULTI tool (13 function)
  • REPAIR KIT: 3 colours of Patch, glue and tool to clean the inflation valve
  • PROPELLER B: CONFORT (150 watts)
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